How to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

We depend on our air conditioning units to cool things down when temperatures outside are at their hottest. And while the A/C works wonderfully to accomplish this feat, it can and will sustain problems that cause it to malfunction and breakdown. Homeowners can minimize the risks of A/C damage, however, and it’s not as difficult as it might seem. Read below to learn a few of the most common ways to keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape.

Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative maintenance is the best thing that a homeowner can do for their A/C unit and their pocketbook. Simple air conditioning services lehigh acres fl keeps the repairman away and is needed just one time during the year. During the preventative maintenance service, professionals inspect the unit and repair any problems they find. It is cheaper than dealing with repairs and less of a hassle, too.

Keep it Clean

A dirty A/C unit is dangerous in many ways. First, it causes the unit to work harder to cool the home, which wears out the machine and its various parts and may increase operating costs. It also causes the indoor air to become filled with plants which affect your breathing. Changing out the filter is a very easy task and it is cost-efficient, too. Make sure to follow the recommended schedule and keep those filters changed.

Change the Filter

One of the most important tasks needed to complete to keep the air conditioner operating efficiently is change the filters. All AC units have filters inside them and they become dirty over time. When they’re clogged, it prevents air from blowing and damages the unit in the process. It is recommended that the filter is changed monthly, or every three months for certain filters.